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Physical Impossibility #2: Popcorn Droppers

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Physical Impossibility #2: Popcorn Droppers, inspired by Nick Cave’s description of his ill-fated Gladiator 2 script (“I enjoyed writing it because I knew on every level that it was never going to get made… It’s what’s called a popcorn dropper“), explores the wonderful world of the too-weird-to-live movie, from Tim Burton’s Superman Lives to Russ Meyers’ Sex Pistols movie, Who Killed Bambi?

This issue features original writing by Sean Welsh, Ryan Balmer, Matt Carman, Craig McClure, Paul McGarvey and Harriet Warman with original illustrations from Laura Aitchison, Ciara Dunne, Stephen Kelly, Jon Paul Milne, Jack Somerville, ID Stewart and Kseniya Yarosh.

A5, 20 pages, black and white digital printing, saddle stitched, 2014