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Physical Impossibility #3: Copywrongs

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Physical Impossibility #3: Copywrongs is inspired by films which have flaunted copyright in one way or another. Films like FW Murnau’s Nosferatu, which barely survived being wiped from history by court order, Never Say Never Again, the rogue “unofficial” Bond remake which brought Sean Connery back to the role, or the legendary classic of Turkish remakesploitation, Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam AKA Turkish Star Wars, which back-projected clips from Star Wars in lieu of expensive special effects.

This issue features original writing by Nicola Balkind, Ryan Balmer, Ian Dunn, Craig McClure, Paul McGarvey, Harriet Warman and Sean Welsh alongside beautiful illustrations by Jon Adam, Emily Chappell, Peony Gent, Ken Da Koalah, Valpuri Karinen, Claudia Nova, L See and Drew Walker.

A5, 24 pages, black and white digital printing, saddle stitched, 2015